Super Loved Banana Chia Pudding

I was at a nice cafe a few weeks ago, and I saw chia pudding, for $4. I read the ingredients, and, considering there were only a handful, it got me thinking, how hard can this possibly be to make at home? The answer is… super super easy. Chia pudding is basically the easiest thing to make. The best thing about it is that chia is really healthy, and there isn’t any added sugar. All of the sweetness is derived from the banana.

I’ve tried this recipe with a bunch of substitutions – adding different fruits, adding unsweetened cocoa to make it “chocolate pudding”, and various types of milk. The recipe holds pretty well.

As for the recipe below, Lucas scarfed this down (all three times we served it), and demanded more. And, I can’t stress this enough: it is the easiest to make.

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Easy Peasy Healthy Ricotta Pancakes

One of the first recipes that I learned to make for Lucas was ricotta pancakes. I love them, because they’re healthy. He loves them because they’re full of berries and he just loves berries.

The basic recipe structure is the same with different types of flour. I’ve tried these with white flour, oat flour, and whole wheat flour, and various mixtures of the above. My personal preference on this is that whole wheat tastes too dense, and oat doesn’t get the right consistently. I like to feed Lucas complex carbs when I can, so this mixture of oat and whole wheat flour is the easiest.  As for the honey, just a quick reminder that honey isn’t safe for children under 1, so you can substitute equal parts sugar if needed. I also sub in maple syrup if I am out of honey.

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